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Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court of Ghana is the highest judicial body in Ghana. Ghana's 1992 constitution guarantees the independence and separation of the Judiciary from the Legislative and the Executive arms of government.

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Court of Appeal Cases

The Court Of Appeal is the second highest court of Ghana. Under article 137 of the 1992 constitution, The Court of Appeal has jurisdiction throughout Ghana to hear and determine appeals as of right from a judgment.

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High Court Cases

The High Court has jurisdiction in all matters, and in particular, civil and criminal matters. It also has jurisdiction to enforce the fundamental human rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution.

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Adjudicatory Bodies

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Decisions by the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice

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NLC Cases

Decisions by the National Labour Commission

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NMC Cases

Decisions by the National Media Commission

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ECT Cases

Decisions by the Electronic Communication Tribunal

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